Gozleme is Nomadic fast food but a healthy choice,  South East of Mediterranean nomadic cuisine. We cook Gozleme best taste ever with pastry as a dish.

Freshly Hand-rolled  dough ,stuffed in with Spinach, Cheese (our cheese mix in four kind of cheeses which are Cheddar, Ricotta,Halloumi and Feta Cheese) Lamb or Chicken , Dough sealed, and cooked over a (Sac) kind of hotplate and lightly brushed with olive oil. But it can stuff with matching flavors.  

Gozleme general eaten at breakfast but also eaten  Lunch & dinner.
Gozleme eaten as well as a light snack,
The comfort food of Nomads  Gozleme has achieved a healthy fast-food status in Turkey and around the world
we supply frozen gozleme to cafes and  homes or other event it's easy to cook ,order your frozen gozleme today